Issuenow - realtime statistics on hot issues of Twitter

1., is for real time twitter statistics!

'i2daygb' stands for issue today global. The idea is started from that "how about showing most frequently mentioned words of Twitter?"

2. How it is possible?

But it is hard to check the whole tweets of Twitter because I am not the owner of it. :)

So I just made 'i2daygb' account and made it follow famous twitter users (about 1000 people who have many followers - global) and excluded some commercial user accounts.

And I developed the robot using Java/Twitter4J library. The robot analyzes the timeline of i2daygb account and reports the statistical information(top mention, top tag, top words) regularly.

'i2daygb' is for maintaining the famous twitter accounts list and showing recent 1 day stats per 12 hours. 'inowgb' is for showing recent 3 hours stats per 1 hour. So you can follow any account for watching twitter trends words according to your life pattern. The site '' is also provided for summary and twitter searching

3. Is there anything else?

Yes! It ignores some famous words like 'RT','a','the' and known issue words(from the stats of 2 days or 1 weeks ago). And if you feel uncomfortable about your account being mentioned on the stats(It's possible if your account was frequently mentioned among famous twitter users. Yes you are on the trends!) just send me a message(to @i2daygb or @inowgb..whatever) then, I will add your account on the ignore list of my robot.

And I have @issuetoday account for Korean people!

4. Future Plan?

If I have the language knowledge about other languages like Spanish, I will open the another account for that language. But I will focus on English service until it is stablized. I should tune the ignore word list for English service.

Thank you for reading this. Please enjoy the service!

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